Re-elect Hal Daub:

Your Voice on the Board of Regents

During his term on the Board of Regents Hal Daub has asked the questions you would want asked. Hal has challenged the status quo. Hal has evaluated the options presented. Hal has offered independent solutions.

“My goal as a Regent is simple, but the path to that goal is not simple. I want our university system to offer high quality education at an affordable cost to the youth of our state.”

Hal proposes to meet this goal through:

  • Strong fiscal independence for the effective use of taxpayer money at every campus
  • Partnerships with business and government to identify job opportunities and match the educational emphasis with future market needs
  • Advocacy for UNO and the Nebraska Medical Center to ensure they remain key educational elements in the university system
  • Diligent, solid financial fiscal policy and tuition control