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Re-Elect Hal Daub, District 8 Regent

"Daub impressively demonstrates a wide-ranging, detailed knowledge of NU. He is sure-handed in analyzing the range of challenges and opportunities for the university system. He ably describes the regents’ responsibilities and the boundary that separates their role from that of the NU administration.

Daub is a solid all-around leader with much more to contribute to this vital public institution."

Hal uses his experience and knowledge of the state to find the right solutions when solving difficult problems. He can connect the dots between a problem, potential solutions and consequences to students, faculty and each campus.

"Even when you’re on opposing sides of an issue, Hal’s always there to try to find those solutions that will be a win-win for everybody. And I think that’s what makes Hal Daub an effective leader and problem-solver."

Hal Daub led Omaha into a new era as Mayor. He worked with public and private sector leaders to:

  • Make the Peter Kiewit Institute possible at the UNO Campus
  • Jump start the redevelopment of the riverfront, convention center and arena
  • Push to improve UNO engineering programs

"Whether as a congressman, mayor or regent, Hal Daub has left a lasting effect on all the areas he has touched. If you look at the riverfront development, the CHI Health Center, the Dodge Expressway – these are things that have developed in the City of Omaha because of the drive, the dedication and the great civic spirit that Hal Daub has."

Hal Daub is energetic, smart and committed to the best University of Nebraska possible.

The University of Nebraska system needs a Regent who is a leader. Not a follower. Someone who challenges, questions, brings new ideas and looks for better ways to do the work.

"Hal is a beacon of leadership. He is willing to stand up and give it his all, regardless of the consequences politically or financially. He is principled and his leadership for the University is unparalleled."

Hal Daub has made a difference for people. He has embraced diversity throughout his career both while serving the public and guiding individuals in their professions. He is a committed volunteer to organizations that make life better for individuals and the community.

"I think Hal’s commitment to diversity speaks for itself. Everybody is the same to him. Whether they might be different skin color, background, or ethnicity, his propensity to help is just the same. It’s always, ‘how can I help you’ and ‘what can I do to make your life better.’"

There is no one more committed, positive and enthusiastic about Nebraska than Hal Daub. He has been a strong voice of reason for financial and policy issues that have faced the University.

  • Hal is a native Nebraskan
  • Attended Omaha’s Benson High School
  • Veteran – Platoon Leader, Company Commander, US Army Infantry
  • Eagle Scout
  • Graduated from Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree
  • Received law degree from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln
  • Elected to four terms in Congress
  • Elected to two terms as Omaha Mayor
  • Has lived and worked throughout his adult life in Omaha
  • Senior Counsel, Husch Blackwell Law Firm