Hal Daub Endorsed by Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert

Hal Daub Endorsed by Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert

Published March 20, 2018

At a fundraiser event on March 20, Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert endorsed Hal Daub for Re-Election to the Nebraska Board of Regents. Her remarks from the event:

“I really wanted to be here tonight because if there is anyonewho is qualified and capable for the position they hold – and for which they are seeking re-election – it is Hal Daub!

Hal is a great friend to all of us and I will always value what he has done for me…and continues to do for me, my administration, and the City of Omaha.

Six years ago, in this very building, I announced my candidacy for mayor and who was the most prominent person there to support me?  Hal Daub.

Hal and Mary supported me every day thereafter, helped me defeat four tough candidates, and they continue to support me and our goals.  I just wanted to say thank you – Hal and Mary – for your friendship.

And like my races, Hal has another tough one this time. It will be up to friends and supporters like us to help him be successful. I know we can do it!

When I think of Hal and what he brings to the office of University of Nebraska Regent, several qualities come to mind…all of which are important:

Passion – Hal is passionate about public service, he is passionate about our community and state, and he is passionate about his alma mater, the University of Nebraska.

He cares about students and he helps them like no other person I know. The number of young people that Hal has counseled and encouraged, provided career advice to, or privately supported would, I’m sure, easily total in the thousands.

He’s passionate about kids, their education, and their success and to be a good Regent, that’s so important.

Experience– if you laid out the perfect background for someone to make a difference on the Board of Regents, you would pencil out Hal’s background.

Just think about it…a business, financial and tax background throughout his career, a Member of Congress with an understanding of the federal role in higher education, Mayor of Omaha with a proven record of putting deals together and getting them done.  And, Hal is a skilled lawyer…ok, maybe I should stop there.

Hal’s decades of work and public service is perfect for the role he now has.

And, Leadership– Hal is a leader; always has been and always will be.  The University system is an enormously complicated and expensive undertaking and the Board of Regents are entrusted – and expected – to lead it.

University administration members come and go but it’s the Regents who have the community connection and the unique leadership responsibility that only they can provide.

Their activities aren’t always on the evening news like a mayors’ or a governors’, but you know Hal is leading on so many things we don’t even hear about.

And, I know his private counsel to university leaders is invaluable.

So, let’s get this done. This will be a tough race and there is a lot of work ahead.  Thanks for your support of Hal and for doing your part to keep this passionate, experienced leader working for us.”