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Moving on to the bezel now, the bezel, very simple bezel, just a 18 karat fluted white gold fixed bezel as you can see.

That fluted bezel captures light in numerous different parts of the bezel, so very beautiful there.

Moving on to the case size, as the name states, it's a Datejust 41 so we have a 41 millimeter case and from my index finger to my thumb here, that's 41 millimeters in diameter.

The case itself, we have a beautiful high polish on the lugs.

As you can see at the top of the replica IWC Portuguese Yacht lugs and bottom of the lugs, very beautiful high polish.

This is a dress watch, so again, we have the high polish on the side of the case matching with the sides of the bracelet.

Same thing on the other side as well.

We have the Rolex crown with the Rolex logo on it, and then we have this high polish that matches off the side of the case to the bracelet.

Moving on to the crown now, the crown is a very simple screw-down, twin lock, double waterproof system.

Simply unwinds counterclockwise into the standard first position, in which you can wind your watch clockwise 15 to 20 times from a desktop is all you need to get the watch started, and get it going again.

A simple tug of the crown will allow you to change the date instantaneously, going clockwise as shown.

And then in the final position of the watch, keep your eye on the seconds hand here.

That's when you pull out the Fake Vacheron Constantin Watches crown, it stops that second hand for precise time setting such as an atomic clock online.

You can adjust it down to the exact seconds for the precise time.

And then also in this final position of the watch, you can adjust the hands or set the hands bidirectionally.

Once again, press your crown in and the seconds hand starts once more.

And always make sure it's screwed (mumbles) nice and tight again against the case, as you want to keep this Datejust water resistant for 100 meters, that's 330 feet.

Moving on to the bracelet now, as I mentioned before, the Datejust is a dress watch.

We have this beautiful Oyster bracelet, which is a three piece link bracelet.

The outer of the three piece links is sand finished or brushed steel, while the center of the links is a nice high polish and that pattern's throughout the whole bracelet as shown, even on the clasp itself.

There's no breaking that pattern.

We have that nice high polish in the center of the clasp with the Rolex logo stamped on there.

The clasp itself is just a simple folding fake Oyster clasp, opens very simply as shown, the Rolex name embossed on to those high polished clasp blades there.

Another feature that the Rolex clasp A.Lange & Sohne replica has is that pulling the bracelet out at a 45 degree angle will reveal this sort of indentation in the clasp as you can see.